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Welcome to the Navarre Montessori Academy
Parent Teacher Organization!


Welcome to the Navarre Montessori Academy’s PTO page!  If you have a child enrolled in our school, YOU are already a PTO member!  That’s right, every parent/guardian, teacher, and administrator here at The Navarre Montessori Academy is automatically included!  FREE OF CHARGE!

What does this mean for you?
It means that you have the opportunity to become involved in your child’s early education by driving improvements, participating, and showing your support. We are primarily a community of busy, working, yet welcoming parents.  Being an active member of the PTO means that you take a few minutes here and there to spend some time making memories with your children in their own learning environment.  You can volunteer to be a classroom reader, put on an event or simply help set it up, or garden with your child.  You also get a chance to meet their friends and their parents.  There are so many other opportunities where everyone can help, and that is when the fun and community really come together.



What does the PTO do?

The PTO’s mission is to support the students of the Navarre Montessori Academy.  Everything we do is to ultimately benefit them. While we do participate in some fun social-type fundraisers and we would LOVE to have your help!


Thank you for choosing The Navarre Montessori Academy and welcome to our school community!

2022-23 Executive Board

President: Ms. Amanda Walker
Vice President: Mrs. Kelli Gahagan 
Treasurer: VACANT
Secretary: Mrs. Nina Ztimhcs
Admin/School Owner: Ms. Kiani Torres