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Extended Care || 18mo - kindergarten

Navarre Montessori Academy offers extended care for working families and children from 18 mo - kindergarten. This nurturing and enriching program includes quality afternoon care from 12:30 pm until 3:30 pm.

Navarre Montessori Academy’s extended care program combines many of the practical life experiences found in our morning Montessori classrooms. Here the children enjoy outdoor play,  blocks, dress-up clothes, games, storytime, puzzles, creative and imaginary play, and enriching group interactions.

While not all the extended care materials are typical of a Montessori classroom, the program is consistent with Montessori principles. Freedom of choice in activities is bounded by the responsibility to make positive, healthy, and safe choices individually and as a group. Children bring their afternoon snacks. 

At Navarre Montessori Academy, starting at the age of 3 children are ready to join the enrichment programs that the extended care offers. 


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