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Dress Code


We have established rules for proper dress code with the aim of making your child’s school experience as pleasant, positive, and successful as possible. We ask that you help your child learn the new dress code so that he/she can make appropriate choices when dressing for school. Our students wear a school uniform on a daily basis. This policy must be adhered to so that our student body develops a feeling of community and belonging. We have heard on numerous occasions about the complexity of getting a child dressed in the morning. Therefore, we have chosen to become a uniform school as of August 2017.

Why uniforms?

Many parents may be surprised to consider uniforms at such a young age, but uniforms are helpful not just to the students, but parents and teachers as well. Most importantly, uniforms eliminate distractions and competition in the classroom. This frees the child to focus on their classroom activities and develop their inner self. The uniform places children in a “school” frame of mind. Families who have taken advantage of the uniforms report stress-free mornings and relief from unnecessary clothing negotiations with their children. Children are encouraged to show their individuality not through what they wear, but rather their actions, efforts, and personality.

How do uniforms support the Montessori curriculum?

As mentioned above, uniforms eliminate competition between students, promote concentration by minimizing classroom distractions, and perhaps most importantly, uniforms encourage independence both at school and at home. Children who wear uniforms know exactly what to wear each day. Children can retrieve their clothes without discussion, make the choices allowed within the confines of the uniform policy and dress themselves. The beauty of the uniform is that they are simple in design and construction so children can manage on their own, both at home and at school. This is especially helpful for children who are toilet learning as these students benefit from simple, easy-to-manage clothing. Lastly, uniforms promote the concepts of beauty and order, which are fundamental elements of the Montessori philosophy as uniforms are appealing to the eye and create an expected order in the child’s dress. Overall, uniforms provide children another opportunity to experience “freedom within limits,” a defining characteristic of Montessori education.

Where do I get NMA uniform?

Uniforms are available for purchase through French Toast Uniforms at http://www.frenchtoast.com/. NMA school code is QS5TZFB​ as well as through Lands’ End School at http://landsend.com/. The school code is 900190125. Additionally, starting on January 2020, NMA will host uniform exchanges twice per year (July and January) at which time families may sell back and/or trade outgrown uniforms.

What if I cannot afford the uniform?

One of the reasons we chose French Toast as our uniform supplier is the affordability of their products. They are no more expensive than clothing from Target, Carter’s, or Kohl’s and are comparable in quality. French Toast routinely offers discounts and sales as does Lands’ End, especially during the summer months. And since uniforms can be re-worn each day, you don’t need to order too many. If the cost still seems prohibitive, we will assist you in finding gently used uniforms through our uniform exchange starting in January 2020 or you can order the school shirt with a local embroidery store.

Uniform Policy

All NMA students are required to do in keeping with the guidelines set forth above. Violations of the uniform policy will be documented. A note will be sent home notifying parents of failure to adhere to uniform regulations. After the fifth notice, any subsequent uniform violations will result in the child being sent home to change. Students may return to school as soon as the uniform is in compliance.

All Children Must Wear

  • Approved uniform from FrenchToast.com or Lands’ End School.
  • All shirts, dresses, sweaters, and jackets must have NMA logo.
  • Closed Toe Shoes for outside.
  • Inside shoes; Montessori Movers preferred. No light up shoes. Velcro or slip-on if the child cannot tie.
  • Navy blue, black, white, or gray leggings, shorts, undershirts, etc. May be worn underneath the approved uniform.
  • shoes